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Beef Seasoning

Try before you buy!

We offer a sample request service allowing our customers the chance to try some other products while placing their order for the goods they most buy.

So when you have placed an order, please have a look at our other products in our range, and request a sample of goods that interest you.


If you have placed an order with us, you can request 2 samples free of charge. However if you are looking for samples only, we charge £4.98 per sample, which covers the cost of packaging and carriage to anywhere in the UK. If you buy the product within 30 days of your sample request, we will refund the £4.98 in full.

From our customers...

The good thing about dealing with TPS is that you don't know you are.In other words you get what you want when you want it without any fuss.We service all the major multiple retailers and in some cases we can be fined 50p/cases if we are two hours late with a delivery. Lead times are short so we need ingredients to arrive into us on time every time. I am too young to remember but I believe it used to be called professionalism.

Mr. Gordon Allan (Malcolm Allan)