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Credit Account Application

You can create a credit account with us by completing the CREDIT application form below.

Before applying for a credit account, please make sure you represent a Companies House registered company in the UK with a valid VAT number.

SFMTA LogoSFMTA members: Please fill out sections 1-4, and 7-9.

Non-SFMTA members: Please fill out all sections on the application form including 2 trade references.

If you are not sure what trade references are suitable, please contact us for details.

New Customers: We will accept your order in principle while we carry out a credit check. Once we have clearance to supply the goods, we will ship next day. You will be notified by email/phone on the progress of your order.

TPS Scotland Ltd reserve the right to refuse any credit application it deems unsuitable to its trading terms. Please see How to pay for full payment details

1. Business Name & Address
2. Business Contact Details
3. Other Business Details
4. SFMTA Membership
5. Trade Reference 1
(Non-SFMTA Members Only)
6. Trade Reference 2
(Non-SFMTA Members Only)
7. Create a Password
8. Other Information

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